mediatheque de la madeleine


‘mediatheque de la madeleine’ by tank architectes, madeleine, france
all images courtesy of tank architectes

September will be an exciting time in the city of madeleine, france, when the original police station will be re-opened to the public as a library and visitor center with newly designed public spaces and a reactivated integration with the city. French practice tank architectes designed the space in front of the existing station has been converted into a reading room characterized by a triangular faceted timber canopy that controls indirect light onto the bookshelves below, performing the role of a large-scale intricate pergola. A glass wall wraps the entire construction to thermally and acoustically protect the interior space but allows readers of all ages views to the varied gardens that surround the structure, making it feel like an exterior space in a colorfully vegetated area. The central modules contain protruding elements that frame smaller triangular skylights like and allow natural light inside like polygonal domes that allow natural light inside. Each unit is prefabricated using laminated beams and pinewood joists clad in particle board panels and fixed together with custom metal hangers.

The existing station is renovated to accommodate the new visitor center. the structural columns are maintained but the wall sections between, that now contain small windows, are rendered in larger sections of glazing that bring the solid/void relationship of the facade closer to 50% translucency. Now functioning in an opposite manner to its original purpose, the police station offers the public interior space to the exterior and vice versa. The ground floor contains a small auditorium, cafe, and seating areas that can host a range of community events, separated by a central atrium that allows full passage through the building flanked by two cores housing the services and vertical circulation.

tankmedia_02 tankmedia_03

project info:

project status: work in progress – september 2013 delivery
project management: city of madeleine
usable floor area: 2,200 m2
budget: € 4,204,114
budget / m2: € 1,911
project manager: clement berton
team tank: nicolas laden, kristin dubrow, berengere voizard thomas harbonnier



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