It’s A Slow Story


Anton Marrast is a Russian illustrator and digital artist from Barcelona, Spain. His series entitled Slow Story is filled with dynamic graphic illustrations of one-eyed youthful characters making their way through intriguing and often evocative narratives. Marrast’s work is largely based on his own personal stories. For his digital work he uses Photoshop on his personal laptop otherwise he can be found drawing on paper using pens and markers, something he has been doing since a young child.

Anton-Marrast_web10 Anton-Marrast_web9 Anton-Marrast_web8 Anton-Marrast_web7 Anton-Marrast_web6 Anton-Marrast_web5 Anton-Marrast_web4 Anton-Marrast_web3 Anton-Marrast_web2


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