Art Duo: Jess and Keegan


Jess & Keegan are a collaborative art-duo currently based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where they continue to create art together. Essentially, Jess focuses on organic patterns and details of nature in the pieces, as Keegan works on the design, form, color and texture.

In a collaborative effort, they seek to articulate and understand the moments and sensations in their lives through the manipulation of found objects. They are location free – artists in motion – picking up and putting together all the pieces they acquire while traveling around the world. Through this, Jess & Keegan are bringing to life a world that would otherwise remain intangible. Our work is a train of thought” ; pure consciousness in still action. We do what we do, because time must be filled. What better way than through the art of doing something. Like many of us, we are wandering in a constant search for something…. J&K.

Jess-Keegan_web3 Jess-Keegan_web4 Jess-Keegan_web8



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