Ethereal Atheistic of Watercolor Portraits by Agnes Cecile


There is something so appealing about the ethereal atheistic of watercolor portraits. A medium often introduced in elementary art classes, painting with watercolors is certainly not as easy as it looks. Italian painter Silvia Pelissero, better known as Agnes-Cecile deals in multiple mediums including watercolor, oil and acrylic, ink and varnish. After attending an art-centric high school, this talented young painter spent time honing her artistic skill by exploring new techniques and mediums.

Since childhood I’ve always known I’d been dedicated to drawing and painting; let’s say this thing became bigger and bigger during the years.

There wasn’t a real moment of “epiphany”, I’ve realised I took this way seriously few years ago: in a natural way, day after day I was devoting myself more and more to the arts and I realised that art would inevitably have been an important part also in my future.


“An artwork arises from the need to say something, to convey something; there is almost an anxiety of having to create something immediately. In fact, even though as everyone I have a very specific creative process, I always tend to reduce all time to a minimum.

My creative process consists of taking notes on my sketch book about keywords I want to convey, then make few fast sketches of images that could be the best to represent them.I choose the final sketch, add some details and then I go straight away on canvas. And usually on canvas, starting from the sketch idea, I improvise following the inspiration of the moment.”

Agnes-Cecile has an awesome time-lapse video on her YouTube channel that shows her incredible process of the painting above. You can see more of her beautiful artwork on her website.


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