Botanical Art Drawings by Eunike Nugroho


It’s never of my eager interest to flowers and botanical specimen until one of my friend spoke to me about this Indonesian artist. A namely renowned botanical artist, Eunike Nugroho is. Her illustrations are very delicate and meticulous. She translated her love over beauty of nature into beautiful, mostly watercolor, illustration. She admitted that she’s been spending almost all of her spare times drawing flowers because they present challenges to try different watercolor technique to capture its characteristics.

WIP_Japanese-Chrysant-02 WIP_Japanese-Chrysant-01

Sometimes, somehow, I love the look of a messy pile of tracing papers I drew on.”


She uses masking to protect layers in her paintings.

The masking retained the tiny white area of the stamens and carpels of the flowers while I was painting the other area freely, putting darker shadow or making patterns and veins. For this painting, I used Winsor & Newton masking fluid.”

WIP-oriental-poppy-01 WIP-oriental-poppy WIP2-oriental-poppy

Eunike went to Universitas Sebelas Maret Solo to study Visual Communication Design, and has worked in several advertising agencies in Jakarta like Hakuhodo and Bintang Pratama, before she finally settled down in Yogyakarta doing things that she loves the most; gardening, photography and yes of course, drawing.

When she was a child, papers and pencil were the only sedatives that worked to calm her “hyperactivity”. In drawing mode, her world shrinks into two dimensional surface. “I remember I was in second grade, and our family went to church, and I sneaked out to play around in the backyard, a wide open scape of grass and trees.. So I play hide and seek and hunt with lizards, dragonflies, grasshoppers, ladybugs and other friends that I met there. Haha!
My mom was pretty overwhelmed with my escaping behavior that time, so the next church days she and my sister gave me papers and told me to sit nice and still in church, and draw. Just so I can focus on something. It worked.
Since then, I couldn’t stop drawing.”

These days for Eunike, drawing is not an interest or hobby, it’s a reflex. It’s something her hands would start doing every time her mind is occupied. To support her drawing, Eunike uses her passion for traveling, diving, landscape photography & gardening as her source of references – not to mention her previous experiences in advertising agency.


As someone who has worked in (advertising) agencies, I have learnt how to see perspectives from many dimensions, not only from mine, which is good – it helps me a lot in dealing with my current projects. I learn how to see what client wants, and at some cases, read the situation when there are hidden agendas or conflicts between agencies and clients. I learn about who the brands talk to, the target market’s insight, the culture and trends that is going on – all of those becoming my ingredients when I start to draw something for clients or brands.”


All images courtesy of Eunike Nugroho


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