Hiroyuki Shinozaki’s House T

Japanese firm Hiroyuki Shinozaki has just shared images of a residence and studio for a couple on a flad-shped plot in the center of Tokyo. ‘House T’ is conceptualized as a dwelling that doubles as a bookshelf. the built form makes the most use of the vertical axis with floors that act like storage planes and program organized around voids. areas of activity are connected by a mix of views and apertures, creating a dynamic type of open plan and freed section. Furniture is placed on shelf-floors connected to a structural frame of columns and beams, lending ultimate latitude to spatial composition. Built volumes bolster each other programatically and structurally– wherein one plane acts as a handrail or threshold, in an alternate space it is a bookshelf of wardrobe. Each level is a floating stage, upon which light is hung to theatrically enhance daily life. the quotidian becomes neatly packaged in an open network of boxes.

designboom-hiroyuki-shinozaki-architects-house-T-02 designboom-hiroyuki-shinozaki-architects-house-T-03 designboom-hiroyuki-shinozaki-architects-house-T-05

Project Info

Client: a couple
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Site area: 70.31sqm
Built area: 75.62sqm(total)
Structure: wood flame, 2story
Structure engineer: Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio
Contractor: Sinei, ltd.


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